mauricio vincenzi
Coming from a background as an analogue photographer, Mauricio Vincenzi graduated on his MA in Fine Arts at Chelsea College of Art in 1999; during the following year he embarked on a further year-long research programme, working on his MPhil project “The Art of Simulacrum”. 

He has been working since as an Artist, filmmaker/cinematographer, and curator specialising in image-based media (photography & darkroom, Super-8, digital film and animation) and site-specific projects (installation).

Mauricio has also a BA degree in economics from UNICAMP (Universade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil) and a solid track record in fundraising and project management (PRINCE2) of arts activities and service improvement initiatives (through a 10-year long career in the NHS), as well as vast experience in corporate training and teaching/mentoring in different settings and to varied audiences.

The synergy manifested through partnerships and collaborations is at the core of how he works.
Artistic Practice
Drawing from his experience as an analogue photographer since the early 1990s, the ethos of the ‘quest for the perfect image’ has experienced an interesting twist in his fine art practice: the image is a dictator, in control, the idea taking the lead, behind the form, the artist as a mere tool to its existence. Through this subservient quasi-anti-philosophy, his filmic work explores “(…) the concept of simulacrum not as in Plato’s ‘copy of a copy’ but as an autonomous entity, a potency with no reference, with no similitude, built on the uniqueness of difference and disparity which is intrinsically nothing but itself (…)”
“The Art of Simulacrum”, 2000.